An amazing WW2 story of survival against all oddsA raft drift of 2,900 km across the Indian OceanThe Tulagi sank in less than one minute and most of the crew perished

Welcome to the Tulagi story

The Story

A torpedo attack on the MV Tulagi In 1944 started an epic 2900 km raft drift across the Indian Ocean by 15 survivors. Two months later a handful of starved sailors crawled up the beach on Bijoutier Island in the Seychelles.  Read the full story here.

A New Documentary

We are preparing a documentary on the Tulagi drift to ensure future generations appreciate the lives of those gone before on whose shoulders we stand.  To date we have filmed seven  interviews and prepared animations of the Tulagi’s sinking.

Know More?

We are still looking for information on some of the survivors and on those who were lost. If you have any information or an enquiry can please send it to: